Dell (Quanta) C2100 BIOS and BMC

I recently found my C2100 dead in the water after a failed BIOS and BMC flash from months ago manifested when I left the machine unplugged. The only way to resurrect the machine was to pull the working BIOS and BMC from an identical machine and flash it to the machine using these instructions:

Move jumper j24 (“clear cmos”) to the 2-3 position to clear the cmos. Plug power in and wait 5 seconds. Unplug the power. Put j24 back to the original position. Move jumper J1E1 (directly to the left of j24) to the 2-3 position. (if you look between the jumper and the sata connections, you will see that it says “cmos recovery”).

Copy the ORIGINAL rom file you wish to restore on to a usb flash drive, and rename it on the flash drive to “amiboot.rom”. (flashdrive does not need to be bootable) Plug the power in and wait several minutes. System should start after several minutes and load a builtin program to re-flash back to the original bios.

The BIOS and BMC files I have uploaded here:



If you’re going to flash these from DOS (FreeDOS from Rufus works great), rename the files to BMC.BIN and BIOS.ROM because FreeDOS does ***not*** like long file names. Found that out the hard way.

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